Transmit DRM30 (Spark) and FM/RDS (GNU Radio) simultaneously?

First time poster, long time lurker. I am finally getting a USRP in a
week or so and have worked with FM and RDS using hardware FM
transmitters and have done simulated DRM transmission with Spark and
Dream. I am curious, as Spark does not interface through GRC/GNURadio,
is it possible to run both at the same time to create a sort of IBOC

I would like to center the FM signal at 77.7Mhz with the DRM sitting at
77.850 or so. I will be using a B100 and an WBX daughter-board. I will
be running GNURadio and Spark on Windows 8 though I have GNURadio on
Arch ob both the desktop and my laptop.

Another sidebar question: Has the code for softdvb been made public
yet? I would like to work with video as well but ATSC/8VSB doesn’t turn
up on Google, nor does any available softDVB code. The other projects I
found (Soft-DVB-T and a simple DVB example from opendigitalradio do not
meet my needs)

Thanks. :slight_smile: