Transmit and receive data rate


I read in the Dawei Shen tutorial 4 (The USRP board) that the multilple
channels must be the same data rate and the same applies for the TX
Looking at the top level module, usrp_std.v, more preceisely the TX side
example, it seems that both tx_chain modules share the interp_rate
input. I
suppose this is why we can’t have 2 signals with two different rates.
But is
it possible to do so by changing the verilog code.
My goal would be to be able to control the TX chain by giving it 2
interpolation rates so that it can handle two interleaved signals with
different speeds. For example, if the usb data has two intearleved
signals A
and B where B comes at a faster rate (say twice the rate), then the data
would look like the following : ABBABBABB… once this data gets to the
buffer, I have to make sure to decouple that signal accordingly and also
make sure that the interpolation rates are different for the A and B

So my question is the following: If I am able to change the verilog code
mentionned above, can I transmit/receive two signals coming at two
data rates?
Any suggestions?

Thank you ahead of time.


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