Transmission issue in USRP N210

Hi all,

I have recently installed openbts-2.8 on a banana-pi (Processor: armv7)
board to work with USRP N210. Had all the pre-requisite installations
procedures been done, I noticed that, the transmitter is not working.

Though this issue seems to be related with openbts but since they are
responding, I would like to have some suggestions from you to resolve

In a previous thread ‘Marcus’ has stated that LED A is not working
openbts is not talking to USRP. i.e. USRP is not configured to receive

Is he pointing to a receiving issue (probably I was looking for a
transmission issue) or am I the one who is confused?

Can anyone please shed some light on this.

Thank you.

Zamrath N.

On 04/07/2015 08:14 AM, Zamrath N. wrote:

Zamrath N.

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Can you ping the N210?

If you use:

uhd_usrp_probe --args addr=

What happens?

Is your ethernet interface configured for ?

Hi Marcus,

Can you ping the N210?

Yes. “ping” works fine.

If you use: uhd_usrp_probe --args addr=, What happens?

“uhd_usrp_probe” also works fine. Couldn’t check with --args. I am away
from the board now for few hours. Until then…

Is your ethernet interface configured for ?

Yes. Configured statically in “/etc/network/interfaces” file.

Zamrath N.

The other Marcus here, I was the one that said something about the LEDs:

If your N210’s transmit LED is not on, then openBTS simply did not
instruct the USRP to send samples.
Thus, you will have to fix the problem on openBTS side. I’m pretty sure
we went through all the diagnostics that made sense, and your USRP and
UHD are working fine.


Hi Marcus and Marcus,

Thank you for the valuable comments given. It made us to shrink all our
focus on OpenBTS. But I see an inactive list in openbts side made me to
wait for there response for a while. That’s why I thought to circulate
in gnuradio list hoping for any assistance to overcome this.

I have freshly installed openbts for three times upto now beside few
build cleans and installs. But I saw no breakthrough. Truth to be told,
when I build openbts on banana-pi, I encountered following errors and
few manipulations given accordingly.

i) SIPEngine.cpp:1620:60: error: too few arguments to function ‘int
rtp_session_set_local_addr(RtpSession*, const char*, int, int)’
rtp_session_set_local_addr(mSession, “”, mRTPPort );

Changed line 291, “ORTP_PUBLIC int rtp_session_set_local_addr(RtpSession
*session,const char *addr, int rtp_port, int rtcp_port);” into,
“ORTP_PUBLIC int rtp_session_set_local_addr(RtpSession *session,const
*addr, int rtp_port);”

ii) SIPMessage.cpp:39:44: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘;’ before ‘VERSION’
static const char* userAgent = "OpenBTS " VERSION " Build Date "

Changed line 39 of “trunk/SIP/SIPMessage.cpp” ("static const char*
userAgent = “OpenBTS " VERSION " Build Date " DATE;”) into, "static
const char* userAgent = “OpenBTS Build Date " DATE;”

iii) OpenBTS.cpp:375:48: error: ‘VERSION’ was not declared in this scope
LOG(ALERT) << "OpenBTS (re)starting, ver " << VERSION << " build date
<< DATE;

Changed line 375 of “trunk/apps/OpenBTS.cpp” ("LOG(ALERT) << “OpenBTS
(re)starting, ver " << VERSION << " build date " << DATE;”) into,
"LOG(ALERT) << “OpenBTS (re)starting, build date " << DATE;”

Had above changes done, build was successfully compiled. Change i) was
according to "

Anyone has a hint?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Zamrath N.

PS: First Marcus, The output corresponding to “uhd_usrp_probe --args
addr=” is,

– UHD Device 0

Device Address:
type: usrp2
serial: F3A31F

On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 6:40 PM, Marcus Müller [email protected]