Translation RFX drivers in C++


I have to use the RFX400 dboard for a C++ projet. Like the drivers for
board was not available in C++, I translated them from python.

I am now debugging my code and I have some issues.

  1. I am not able to tune correctly the VCO of the board (ADF4360-7). The
    generates a signal at about 400 MHz (see on a spectrum analyszer), and
    not able to change this frequency. On the other end, I was able to see
    data on the SPI bus, and seem all right (enable, clock, and the data).
    So, I
    can’t figure out why the frequency didn’t change. I would like to know
    there is any special thing we must do to activate the SPI of the chip,
    are not on the dirvers ( Also, is the 400 MHz is the default
    frequency of the VCO?

  2. I noticed the VCO output shut down when I disconnect the antenna. Is
    there any protection on the board to protect the card when there is no
    antenna on the RX/TX or RX2 connectors. If yes, if I connect a RF
    analyser on TX, do you know if the output will be on?

Naturally, when I finish I can send you the code, but it is probably not
ready for publication.
If anyone want to debug it, I can send the actual version of the code.


Maxime Lepage

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