Translation of the admin interface

Hello Folks,

I need to have a Portuguese translation of the admin interface and
I’ve wondered what is the most sensible option, if it is hard coding
the translation of the current version or work with the Jargon branch.
That branch appears to be based on some old Radiant version and the
translation functionality is not all there (we get some mixed
english/whatever strings). As I need a portuguese admin interface and
I also need to build some custom extensions for this project, I don’t
know what version to use. Should I go and try to fix the jargon branch
or should I begin from scratch? I don’t need user selectable language,
it should only be portuguese and thats all.

Thanks in advance for any advise

andre All We Do Is Code.

I would be glad to help, because I’ll need Lithuanian interface when
I’m finished building my extensions. I guess all we need is some
guidance and we can start building it.


Hi Andre,

I wouldn’t use the Jargon branch, it is very old and missing a lot of
the ffunctionality of the current branch. Plus the current version has
had ALL the views rewritten. I have been wanting to start work on it
again, but simply don’t have time at the moment. The original
translation only took a day or two, but it was intense work.

If you are interested in helping update the Jargon branch and change
the views to Haml, I would love some help. I can get a github branch
started and rescue what I can from the old jargon branch. Let me know.


I would love to help with translating the views. I’m just not
experienced enough yet to mess with the core. So if most of
functionality is working I can help converting the views.