Translating "to" and "from" in Finnish turned out to be hard…


I’m not even sure what the grammatical name for this is, but we ran into
problems translating “to” and “from”, as in “to Eva” or “from Eva”.

In Finnish, our translator tells us the correct translations are
and “Evalta” respectively. How would you handle this case? Does the I18n
module provide a way to build some sort of inflector that can be used
Maybe we could leave the translation of “to” empty in Finnish, but run
name through an inflector

Has anyone else run into something like this?

  • Martin

The grammatical term is noun cases. See my previous

What we ended up doing at Bukowskis was to have the translator
rephrase so we didn’t have to inflect the place names (in our case).
Something like “To: Eva” instead of “To Eva” might be enough.

Thanks, Henrik. We’ll talk it over with the translators.

There’s no shortage of hard problems to solve in the i18n-space…

  • Martin

Dear Henrik. We’ll gossip it in excess of with the translators.

There’s no scarcity of solid problems to resolve in the i18n-space.