TracePoint v1.2.1 released

TracePoint 1.2.1 has been released.

A TracePoint is a Binding with the addition of event information. Among
other things, it functions very well as the join-point for AOP. In
practice it provides a better alternative to using set_trace_func.

This release simply brings the project uptodate with the latest build
tools, and switches the license to BSD-2-Clause.

Also note, that Ruby 1.9 appears to have a bug (or two) in
#set_trace_func, in particular with an incorrect binding parameter.
TracePoint still works, but will not as useful as it should be until
this issue is resolved. (ref. Bug #5527: set_trace_func binding incorrect - Ruby master - Ruby Issue Tracking System).


  • Modernize build configuration.
  • Switch to FreeBSD license.