Touble with -i command line option for ir.exe

I’m using IR “NightlyBuilds\10606”

I have trouble using the -i option for command-line. Has this worked at
some point?

c:\DATA\irb_test>ir -help
Usage: ir.exe [options] [file|- [arguments]]

-i Inspect interactively after
running …

c:\DATA\irb_test>\work\bin\ir.exe -i method_add.rb
mscorlib:0:in WinIOError': Could not find file 'c:\DATA\irb_test\-i'. (System::IO::FileNotFoundException) from mscorlib:0:inInit’
from mscorlib:0:in `.ctor’

I can post a bug in the tracker if someone confirms I’m not doing
something wrong here.

Robert B.