Toturial on Rails + LiteSpeed LSAPI


This message might be helpful for people who is using or plan to use
LiteSpeed web server together with Rails.

We posted two tutorials in our WIKI regarding Rails + LiteSpeed
configuration. One is Rails + LiteSpeed API, another one is mongrel +
LiteSpeed proxy.

We highly recommend Rails + LiteSpeed API to Rails hosting providers. It
has a better solution to a big problem that cannot be well solved in
other setup - dynamic spawning. Due to the high cost and long delays at
Rails framework startup, usually, fixed number of Rails applications
need to be started at server startup time, no matter how high or how low
the traffic volumes are. It is not flexible and number of Rails
applications can be hosted on one server is severely limited by it
memory size.
Rails + LSAPI minimizes the startup cost of Rails framework and make
dynamic spawning less problematic, number of Rails instances needed can
be dynamically adjusted by web server based on traffic volume. System
resource will be used more efficiently and hosting more Rails
applications on one server becomes possible.

Comments are welcome. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
George W.