Total NOOB Question

Howdy everyone,

Sorry for the newbie question but I’m really having some difficulty here

  • I
    want to add Selenium tests to my Rails application and I just can’t find
    way to do it. I found the SeleniumIntegration page on the Rails wiki -
    didn’t work for me. I tried just putting the selenium directory under
    app’s public folder - bet you can guess what happened…yep routing
    I searched for routing information and found the Routing manual but it
    like it’s only for Controllers and Actions. I tried finding how the
    content is served from the public folder but I never did find anything.

Please help. /Any/ assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please ask
questions - I’m sure I did something wrong - I just don’t know what.
to follow, documents to read, api to study - any help would be very

Here’s some of my environment information:
WinXP Pro
C:>ruby -v
ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32]

C:>gem list

C:>“C:\Ruby\ruby\bin\ruby.exe” “C:\Ruby\ruby\bin\gem” list

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

actionmailer (1.1.3)
Service layer for easy email delivery and testing.

actionpack (1.11.0)
Web-flow and rendering framework putting the VC in MVC.

actionwebservice (0.9.3)
Web service support for Action Pack.

activerecord (1.13.0)
Implements the ActiveRecord pattern for ORM.

activesupport (1.2.3)
Support and utility classes used by the Rails framework.

fxri (0.3.2)
Graphical interface to the RI documentation, with search engine.

fxruby (1.2.6)
FXRuby is the Ruby binding to the FOX GUI toolkit.

rails (0.14.3)
Web-application framework with template engine, control-flow layer,
and ORM.

rake (0.6.2, 0.5.4)
Ruby based make-like utility.

ruby-json (1.1.1)
ruby-json is a library for using the JavaScript Object Notation
(JSON) under Ruby.

selenium (0.2.468)
Selenium is a test tool for web applications. Note that this is an
unofficial build of Selenium based on changeset 468 from the
Selenium subversion repository.

sources (0.0.1)
This package provides download sources for remote gem installation

sqlite3-ruby (1.1.0)
SQLite3/Ruby is a module to allow Ruby scripts to interface with a
SQLite database.




P.S. I’d like to use the latest version of Selenium if possible.