Torrent library for Ruby

Hi folks,

I’m fairly new to Ruby and the whole Ruby on Rails thing, although I
have some experience with ASP.NET and C#. I’m trying to
learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails through some pet projects, like a small
backup script and a small web application.

Right now I’m trying to get the hang of RoR and I decided to create a
small torrent tracker as most of the ones written in PHP
seem to be extremely large scripts and quite difficult to debug (I’m no
PHP expert, but…). I’m looking for a Ruby torrent gem
and I found a couple of Rubyforge:

  1. RubyTorrent
  2. libtorrent-ruby

and there seem to be a couple of clients written in Ruby plus some
utilities like Bencode and Bcodec.

The first project, RubyTorrent, is at 0.3 and that version was released
back in 2005 with no updates since. libtorrent-ruby is a
newer project, but at version 0.1 and with a smaller activity than

I really don’t know which project is better suited for my little web
application or if one is written better than the other so I’m
trying to gather some comments from people with more experience in Ruby
than myself.


Andrei M.

I know a little about RubyTorrent, which is that the guy who wrote it
is both friendly and smart. He’s an AI guy at Stanford. He said the
library was functional but could do with some performance
enhancements. I don’t know anything about the other library.