Tork 19.5.1 - test with fork

Sources: GitHub - sunaku/tork: 💞 Tests your Ruby code, in parallel, as you change it

Tork runs your tests as they change, in parallel:

  1. Absorbs test execution overhead into a master process.

  2. Forks to inherit overhead and run test files in parallel.

  3. Avoids running unchanged tests inside changed test files.

Version 19.5.1 (2013-12-02)

This release restores support for Capybara integration tests in the
configuration helper, corrects the idle event in tork-engine(1), and
some minor bugs in tork-runner(1) and tork(1).


  • Rails: keep sub-Rails connected to in-memory SQLite3 test database.

    When another Rails instance is started by Capybara, it sets up a new
    connection to the test database instead of re-using our in-memory

    Threading the rat - on capybara and database connections - Space Vatican

  • tork-engine(1) sent idle event when 1 test was still running.

  • tork-runner(1): prevent Test::Unit from running in at_exit hook.

    Test::Unit is finding and running 0 tests in tork-runner(1) itself.

  • tork(1): forgot to update man page: ENTER by itself does nothing