Tork 17.1.0

Tork - Test with fork - GitHub - sunaku/tork: πŸ’ž Tests your Ruby code, in parallel, as you change it

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What is it?

Tork is a continuous testing tool for Ruby that automatically
detects and tests changes in your Ruby application or test suite
in an efficient manner:

  1. Absorbs your test execution overhead into a master process.

  2. Forks to run your test files in parallel; overhead inherited.

  3. Avoids running unchanged tests inside changed test files.

What is new?


  • Added Tork::Config.test_event_hooks configuration option.

  • Added tork/config/notify configuration helper for receiving
    edge-triggered notifications (via libnotify, growl, or
    xmessage) about changes in test files’ pass/fail status.

  • Added tork/config/factory_girl configuration helper for properly
    clearing factory definitions before forking and then finding them
    after forking to avoid FactoryGirl::DuplicateDefinitionError.
    (Mark H.)

  • Lambda functions in Tork::Config.test_file_globbers can now return
    multiple globs in an array, in addition to either a single glob or

  • Added support for the MiniTest convention of naming test files as
    test/**/test_*.rb and spec/**/spec_*.rb. (Jose Pablo Barrantes)