Topic on assotiations

Developing app, firstly I was about to set assotiations on my
like this (I have models Test, Key and Answer).
Test has many Keys, and Key has one Answer.
So in my Test model I set assotiation to Answers like this: has_many
:answers, :through => :keys.
It seems to be logic: test has many keys which have each one answer, so
test has many answers through keys.
But after some testing I found out, that Rails doesn’t support this
because it flashed mass assigned error on key attribute, but If a added
attr_accesible :key_attributes instead of :keys_attributes, it than
undefined assotiation.
As API documentation says, has_many :through=>… is close to
has_many_and_belongs_to_many is kind of some custom version of this.
But here is next question. What should I do? Use polymorphic or may be
create simple connection between test and answers?
What do you think?

On Thursday, March 14, 2013 12:57:32 PM UTC, Barry wrote:

attr_accesible :key_attributes instead of :keys_attributes, it than flashed
undefined assotiation.

That sounds like it should work. What did your code look like ?

has examples of the various supported scenarios.


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