Top block edge list

Hello All,
I’m trying to access the data inside the top block class, from a custom
function or at the very least print out some of it as a test. Is there a
way to see the data in the top block edge_list() before running
top_block.start()? I’d like to access this without modifying any of the
code in gnuradio-runtime so just using already provided functions in


You can print the edge list using

print tb.edge_list()

BUT, it’s not populated until after tb.start(). You can either wait
until after tb.start(), or you can use

print tb.dot_graph()

before tb.start(). It’s meant to be input to dot (graphviz) but it’s
human readable. “dotty” didn’t actually parse it right, but I could have
done something wrong there.

  • Jeff