Toggle css for display on page load?

In my layout I have a navigation bar with a few elements in it. The
elements can be toggled on or off and thereby reveal or conceal some
subtopics. I store the state of the toggle for the navigation elements
in the session.

When the page is reloaded, the navigation items are collapsed because
the css for display: none is set by default in the html for the
navigation elements. Is there a good way to pull the state of the
navigation elements from the session and reset the default css? I’d
like to restore the navigation to the way the user left it.


2006/6/6, Bill [email protected]:

If you stored the data about which views were open in cookies (rather
than sessions, which inly stores a session id in the cookie) then you
could use Javascript to read the cookies onload:


you need to asynchronously update the session contents using ajax
requests on expand and collapse.


expand -> send ajax request -> session[:state][:node_id] = true
collapse -> send ajax request -> session[:state][:node_id] = nil

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