Todo MVC Ruby Edition is the one Todo MVC To Rule Them All!

Todo MVC is a popular sample that is built in all Web Frontend Frameworks to provide a comprehensive SPA (Single Page Application) example covering all basic Frontend features. As such, it provides Software Engineers with a very good idea of how day-to-day Frontend Development would be with every Frontend Framework, whether in JavaScript, using React, Angular, Ember, or Vue, or in a Compile-to-JavaScript language, using something like Elm, GWT, or Scala.js. I am happy to announce that Todo MVC has just been built using Glimmer DSL for Web with 100% Frontend Ruby code. And, this version’s code is easily simpler, more minimalistic, more readable, and more maintainable than all 45+ versions on the Todo MVC website! I can confidently say it is the one Todo MVC to rule them all! Thanks to the awesomeness of Ruby in the Browser!!!