To send data from synthesizer of datas to an usrp e 110/to receive datas from usrp e110 to computer


First, I would like to send datas from a synthesizer of datas to an
e 110.

Second, I would like to send these datas received by the usrp e 100 to

-To realize that, I 'm supposed to implement an application on usrp e

-What kind of application I can implement on usrp e110( ie an
that can obey to the performances of the usrp e110) ?

Can you suggest me a python file or grc file to implement it on usrp e

In fact, I found in the FAQ an application called openBTS, I would like
test it.

But the link doesn’t work. How can I get the grc or python file to
implement open BTS on usrp e 110.

-Moreover, I would like to test FM receiver but I 'm afraid to waste
without achieving a result.

Because according to the mailing list in this link "
the usrp e110 isn’t

performed to implement FM receiver.

Best regards,


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