[TO LIST OWNER] Posting problems when subscribed with non-gm

I am trying to post to the list, after having succesfuly subscribed to
it with a non-gmail address.

I receive list emails, but when I try to post I just get back the
canned email response from google that says “Posting error: Ruby on
Rails: Talk - You do not have permission to post to group rubyonrails-

This is how I’ve subscribed.

I’ve sent a blank email to <rubyonrails-talk-
[email protected]> and I’ve confirmed my subscription by
clicking on the link sent back by google, which redirects me to a page
saying that I should be able to post by sending email to rubyonrails-
[email protected]

I have also tried to contact the list owner via the googlegroups
online form, but to no avail.

Any clues? I really hate the Google UI for posting.