To get more understanding of REST

Could any body please explain the difference below

map.resources :people
map.resource :book # or books

Also I would like to know why to specify member like

map.resources :templates,
:member => { :attach_file_js => :post,
:delete_file => :delete,
:update_pictures => :get,
:collection => { :search => :post }

map.with_options :controller => ‘search’,
:path_prefix => ‘search’,
:name_prefix => ‘search_’ do |advanced_search|
search.save_query ‘save’, :action => ‘save’
search.show_query ‘show/:query_id’, :action => ‘show’

   I did not understand any of this..Please suggest any links or

books to get proper understanding of all these

Thanks in advance
Sijo has a routing guide which is pretty

Ryan B.

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