To Do list project?

I’m looking for a good web-based to do list app. Essentially, I’d like
to use Basecamp’s todo management system, but that’s not an option
since I can’t install Basecamp on a server I own. The information
being tracked in the list cannot be sent out of my intranet.

I would imagine that there are a couple of open source rails apps that
would meet my needs since many of the basic Rails intros are to do
lists. All of my searches, however, just turn up those tutorials.

Is anyone out there working on an OSS To Do app or will I have to roll
my own? I’d like to save myself the time and help out an existing
project, if possible.


Hi Ryan ~

With Rails it should literally take no more than an afternoon to put
together a to-do list. But if you want I will build it for you for
$5000.00. Where are those tutorials?

~ Ben “drank to much coffee” Reubenstein

On 5/9/06, Ryan N. [email protected] wrote:

my own? I’d like to save myself the time and help out an existing
project, if possible.


Rails mailing list
[email protected]

Ben R.

create table todo_items (
id int not null,
title varchar(255) not null,
notes text not null,
created_at datetime not null,
required_by datetime not null,
primary key(id)

ruby script/generate scaffold TodoItem

Can I have my £5000 now?



Yeah, yeah, I know. It does take a bit more than 30 seconds to get
something of the quality of basecamp, however. That classic 80/20 rule
and everything. I was hoping that there was an existing OSS
project/time management app that I could use to get a running start.

After all, it would take no more than an afternoon to get a blog
system running, yet Typo is still under active development.


Task-this is a nice, simple to-do list application with the source

Tracks is also a nice getting this done application:

Joe C.

Ah, brilliant! Thanks, I’ll explore these two options and see where I
can help out.


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