Tk Table and Rails


I want to use the TkTable in Rails application.
For the tables in HTML editing and add the flash mode
are not possible. I want to use these functionalities
in my rails application.
How do I achieve it.
If any one knows, please let me know the solution.
Thanks in advance


Ravikumar P. wrote:


I think you would be better off making a client for your application
using Tk. Download data (preferably in XML format, easier to parse),
import into your GUI application for manipulation, then re-submit to
your Rails application via another action.

If at all possible, I would use an HTML interface though. However, once
you have an XML interface, all manner of clients will be able to use it
as well as an HTML interface.

From: Ravikumar P. [email protected]
Subject: Tk Table and Rails
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 13:37:02 +0900
Message-ID: [email protected]

I want to use the TkTable in Rails application.

If you REALLY want to serve your Ruby/Tk
application to anyone over the Net, Ruby/TkORCA
( may help you.