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i find that in the tiobe’s language index, don’t include the ruby on
for ruby language, the responsible of this site mentioned that this is a
framework and the people don’t program with that. But, he don’t explain
not exclude similar framework for other languages like cake, prado,
django, pylons, qcodo, and a large quantity.

Note: this message have a few months ago, but i stay that they correct
error, but do not do that, and i see necessary comment with community

Benjamin C.

[1] http://www.tiobe.com/tiobe_index/index.htm

This is my talk with tiobe’s webmaster:

Re: About rails

and forget that i only use Ajax, i don’t program with this. Is
important have not mix the use with the development.



Hi Benjamin,

I see your point. I have to think about it a bit more.


Benjamí­n Cárdenas wrote:

but i don’t know how you filter the twenty or more framework that have
ruby, or have php, or any other language. For me, is very dificult know
about all frameworks, inlcuded the tiny. Because ruby have facilities
for work in diferents environments using frameworks (fox, tcl lib’s, >and
so). What percent of any language develop the programers using
frameworks?. Saddly in ruby is very hight, because this is the essence
(DRY - Don’t Repeat Your Self).

I can live with that, but think that it’s unjust. (Ruby had mainly
frameworks for all) :-(.

Benjamín Cardenas

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