TinyMCE ? FCKeditor ? .... what's UP?

I am new.

Getting my 1st application running on my machine. Going pretty well.

So I at WYSIWYG !!!

So what is the state of TinyMCE and/or FCKeditor in Radiant??

Bartee L. wrote:

I am new.

Getting my 1st application running on my machine. Going pretty well.

So I at WYSIWYG !!!

So what is the state of TinyMCE and/or FCKeditor in Radiant??

Hi Bartee

I haven’t used either, but I’ve heard good things about WymEditor also.
There’s an extension for that also. Either way, whichever one you pick,
I hope that you’ll document your experience onto the Summer Reboot

[1] Extensions: http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Thirdparty_Extensions/
[2] WymEditor: SumoCoders, geeks coding with body
[3] Summer Reboot: http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Summer_Reboot


Bartee, Mohit,

In the last few days I tried the extensions for WymEditor, FCKeditor and
TinyMCE, and I couldn’t get any of them to work properly.

I did post a question about my problem with FCKeditor - Sean tried to
help but as I am running my Radiant site from a subdomain,
he said that I’d have to edit the extension to correct the path to the
Javascripts. I tried to do this but I haven’t succeeded (yet).

The WymEditor extension almost worked - and it looks very promising -
but there was something wrong with the pop-up windows for editing

The TinyMCE extension - which is quite old - didn’t work at all.

In conclusion, I’d say that getting any of these WYSIWYG editors to work
may be a non-trivial task.


Mohit S. wrote:

Hi Bartee

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John and Catherine Allen
Bofferdange, Luxembourg
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WMD [wmd-editor.com] also looks great, but I’ve not got it working in
Radiant yet. Anyone else had such luck?

Well, I guess that’s a mixed review…

I have experience with FCK in coldfusion and it IS NOT trivial to get
working. Lots of challenges with sub-directories and location revalent
to the site structure.

So I will keep all posted as to my travels…

I have yet to get a blog up, because I am being hard-headed and want to
get simpleblog up since it is Rails.

But I think for me to be satisfied I will have to get one of them

I have been VERY impressed with Radiant. It has worked my ubuntu setup
with NetBeans ide since the 1st try.

I use tinyMCE for all my Radiant websites. I use the version available

I use my owb version of tiny_mce_settings.js, modified to work with
newer versions of Radiant and the Page attachements extension
(override /public/javascripts/extensions/tiny_mce/tiny_mce_settings.js):

The reason tinyMCE (and perhaps other filters) are not working well
with newer versions of radiant, is that the id’s of central page
elements has changed, i.e. ‘part[0][filter_id]’ now has the more
correct id of ‘part_0_filter_id’.



Thanks for excellent post.

I was leaning towards TinyMCE since my experience with FCK has been
difficult at best.

I will grab your setting and give it a try this weekend.



Again thanks for the excellent post.

It worked… except there is an error in the 1st svn request. It is
noted on the “issues” page.

It should be this

Correct svn command tu put the javascript/extensions/tinymce folder is:

svn checkout http://radiant-tinymce-

But, I now have TinyMCE on my pages.

I will create another thread for some other questions.

Now that I have seen this, I really prefer it to FCKeditor which I am
using on some old sites I did in ColdFusion.

Hi Bartee,

Glad to hear it is working out for you. If you have the time, you
would do a great service to the community if you put this information
on the documentation wiki:

http://wiki.radiantcms.org/Summer_Reboot (WYSIWIG Editors –