TinyMCE editor

I m newbie in RoR and working on rails 3.
Actually i m using tiny_mce plugin in my application and following the
mentioned in this link GitHub - kete/tiny_mce: A Ruby on Rails plugin (pre-Rails 3.1) that allows easy implementation of the TinyMCE editor into your applications.,
No doubt this is working absolutely fine in application but the other
applied to the application is not working (example dynamically add and
remove textboxes is not working)…
Dont know why it is so…
If anyone knows then help me…


might be a stupid question but did you include jquery explicitly in
your application.html.erb file
or whatever layout you are using? or just the :defaults?
because jquery doesn’t get included by default

Thanks dear for reply actually i knew this jquery doesnot included
There was jQuery conflict…so to reslove i run jQuery in no-conflict
mode…now its working fine…