Timid nuby; I need help getting Rails installed on my computer

Can anyone do a private sidebar to help me get past some installation

I’m at the point where I type >rails server
it says can’t find json-1.8.2 run bundle install
so I type >bundle install
it says it failed because json requires installed build tools.

Google says to install the DevKit again… done… but its the same as

So far I’m not finding the solution on Google.

Can anyone help?


We need to know the type of system you are trying to install in.
Windows and Mac and Linux are all quite different.


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Getting things right on windows can be quite finicky - knowing how you
installed ruby, exactly what commands you are running, where and the
output is useful. The devil is usually in the details; without them it’s
just wild guesses.


If giving error of SSL then save the following code in a file named
cacert.pem and save in c:/railsinstaller/ folder.
2. then run the following command
set SSL_CERT_FILE=C:\RailsInstaller\cacert.pem
and then try
bundle install command again


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Try with these command. I sure you find your answer.

Installation on window:

  1. download form rubyinstaller.org/downloads
    the latest version of ruby

  2. install the product

  3. Devkit install

in c:/DevKit folder

  1. ruby dk.rb init

  2. type config.yml

  3. ruby dk.rb install

  4. gem install json --platform=ruby

  5. ruby -rubygems -e “require json: puts JSON.load<’[42]’>.inspect”

  6. gem update --system
    for checking version check gem -v

  7. gem install rails

  8. rails new application_name

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