Timezone abbreviation question

Is it possible to get timezone abbreviations using the TimeZone or
TzinfoTimezone classes? Even after converting UTC to localtime it still
reports the timezone abbreviation as UTC.


@tz = TzinfoTimezone.us_zones[2]
=> #<TzinfoTimezone:0x30868a0 @utc_offset=-28800, @name=“Pacific Time
(US & Canada)”>

=> Wed Jan 24 12:36:56 UTC 2007

=> “UTC”

It seems to me that the timezone abbreviation (%Z) should be “PST” in
this case.

Sorry about the reply-to-myself, but I found the answer.

The tzinfo gem has its own strftime method which returns the correct
local timezone abbreviation for %Z. TzinfoTimezone plugin does not wrap
this method. It was very simple to add to the plugin:

def strftime(string, time=Time.now.utc)
tzinfo.strftime(string, time)

I’m sending this to the author as well.