Timers 2.0.0: pure Ruby timer collections (now powered by hitimes)

The ‘timers’ gem provides easy-to-use timer collections that can be
used independently or inside of event loops:

The timers gem is an extraction of Celluloid’s timers, as they can be
generally used inside of any event loop that supports a timeout and
to provide scheduled events. The timers gem can be used alongside
Kernel.select or the nio4r gem which provides a scalable IO selector

Version 2.0.0 now uses the “hitimes” gem as the basis of its timing

Hitimes provides high-precision monotonic timers across multiple Ruby
platforms, including JRuby.

Using Hitimes monotonic timing engine fixes issues with clock skew
from things like daylight savings time, leap years, leap seconds, or
things which cause changes to the system clock.