Timeout issues


Not sure which newsgroup to post this question to.

Has anyone had the issue with timeouts where in your Rails
application, you have a Query into the database and there’s just too
much data to search for while running the query that in the process of
searching,retrieving the data from the database, it timesout on the
user and displays an error to the user via their browser even though
the query is still running until completion?

I.e I have a Rails web page that the user enters a search item for a
query, the app goes and looks up stuff in my database (there’s tons of
data in my database so the query will naturally take a few moments),
but then an error is returned to the browser. The query is still
running in the background and I can see that via the logs. When the
query finally completes whatever it’s doing in the database, it can’t
return and display the results to the web page since there was a
timeout error returned to the browser/user earlier.

I’m using a Mongrel instance instead of Web-brick. I’m assuming
there’s timeout variables to change (I’ve dug through the Rails code
and tried setting some timeout variables with no luck).

Please help.