Time zone converting

I have found a ton of examples on google about converting time between
UTC and local time. I am new to Ruby and I just cant seem to understand
how to apply those examples to what I need.

My problem is I need to convert a time to EST. The time is usually UTC
and it is always a day or two behind my time (EST). I figured I could do
something like this

time = “2015-10-17 00:14:16”
local_time = time - 04:00

A lot of the examples would use the current UTC time and convert it to
EST. I will never have the current UTC time for my project it is always
behind my local time.

One of the ways i would use this is to parse logs. So if I am looking at
a log and it is in UTC I would need to know what time locally the event
took place.

The description of your problem is horrible. It’s complete nonsense. I
suggest you describe your problem to a friend, and have your friend post
the question.