Tilt 1.3

Tilt is a generic interface to a bunch of different Ruby template
engines. It’s useful for web frameworks, static site generators,
and other systems that want to support multiple template engines
but don’t want to code for each of them specifically.

The 1.3 release includes a number of bug fixes, internal
refactorings, new template implementations, and the ability to
define template implementation preference order:

  • Add support for declaring “preferred” template implementations
    and falling back to alternative implementation when not
    available. e.g., you may specify that the redcarpet markdown
    implementation should be used in preference to other markdown
    engines when available. (Magnus H.)

  • Add Template.default_mime_type so to allow implementations to
    signal a reasonable default mime type for output when
    available. (Josh P.)

  • All Template classes now respond to an engine_initialized?
    method, which can be used to determine whether the underlying
    template engine classes have been loaded. (Magnus H.)

  • The main tilt.rb file has been split out into multiple files
    to keep things a bit more organized (Magnus H.)

  • Fix some issues with Erubis regarding outvar
    names (Nathan E.)

  • CoffeeScriptTemplate deprecates the ‘no_wrap’ option; use
    ‘bare’ instead. (Josh P.)

  • New MarukuTemplate (Tim F.)

  • New KramdownTemplate (Postmodern)

  • New CreoleTemplate (Daniel M.)

  • New RedcarpetTemplate (Konstantin Haase)

For a full list of changes, see:


Special thanks to Magnus H., Josh P., and Konstantin Haase
for pulling this release together.

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