Tiger OS X darwin ports problem with readline


I just edited this page:

I thought I’d post something to this mail-list in hopes of an answer…

I’m running Tiger.
On my Mac, I cannot get past installation of readline:

mac:~ mac$ sudo port install readline

—> Fetching readline
—> Attempting to fetch readline51-001 from
—> Attempting to fetch readline51-001 from
—> Attempting to fetch readline51-001 from
—> Attempting to fetch readline51-001 from
Error: Target com.apple.fetch returned: fetch failed
Error: /opt/local/bin/port: Status 1 encountered during processing.
mac:~ mac$

I did find a readline tar-ball here:
I was able to install it by hand with no problem.

Is there any way I can graft it on to /opt/local so that ports [ ruby
for example ],
which depend on it can get installed?

-Dan B

I’ve seen something like this before. If I recall, and this was quite
some time ago, the port was being upgraded to a newer version. I
don’t know, though, if the same is true this time for you.

By the way, last time I tried to install readline, it caused problems
with webrick and lighttpd; maybe it was just a problem with Ruby,
though. At any rate, I had to use DarwinPorts to rollback readline to

So, maybe you could just specify an earlier version of readline, or
you could just try again later.


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