Tickets still available for The Compleat Rubyist, Oct. 1-2

Hi all –

Tickets are still available (and are even still at the early-bird price,
until 9/9) for The Compleat Rubyist, being held in Philadelphia on
October 1-2.

The Compleat Rubyist is a two-day training event with three instructors:
me, Gregory B., and Jeremy McAnally. We delve into four topics over
the two days, encompassing Ruby language techniques, principles of code
design, metaprogramming, best practices in testing, concepts like the
Law of Demeter, and more.

It’s a really great two days, and a unique approach to exploring Ruby.

More info and registration links at If
you have questions you can contact me, or use the contact link on the

See you in Philly!


David A. Black, Senior Developer, Cyrus Innovation Inc.

The Ruby training with Black/Brown/McAnally
Compleat Philadelphia, PA, October 1-2, 2010