Tickets for EuRuKo 2013: Calling All Ruby Brigades!

The clock is ticking and everyday brings us closer to EuRuKo 2013!
EuRuKo is taking place this year in Athens on June 28-291. If this
isn’t a good reason to take some days off and come visit Greece, then I
can’t image what is :slight_smile:

Repeating the successful idea that started last year in Amsterdam, we
have planned to reserve tickets for local Ruby user groups and other
related online or offline communities. All you have to do, is to fill in
this form 2 and let us know the name of your group and the number of
tickets you would like. The deadline for submissions is April 26. We
cannot guarantee that you will get all the tickets you ask for and we do
recommend to try and get your ticket from possibly the last batch that
goes on sale today (or tomorrow - depending on your timezone) Friday,
April 19th at 17:00 UTC. If there are requests for more tickets than the
number we have reserved we will distribute them evenly. For all the
background and more information you can read our blog post 3.

User groups are the heart of every local communitty and EuRuKo is the
best venue for the local communities to connect, communicate and
cooperate. Join us in making EuRuKo 2013 one of the best Ruby

P.S.: And as a last reminder, the CFP closes in less than 5 days4. If
you want to submit a proposal, this is the last responsible moment to
do it! :wink: