Ticket 378 / usrp2::tx_raw: FIXME: short packet

I’ve been testing with a USRP2 by streaming a data file along with some
trivial type conversions. I receive several of the following errors:

usrp2::tx_raw: FIXME: short packet: 1 items (32 bytes)

I am running an up-to-date 3.2 branch build (which has EB’s fragmenting
work around).

I noticed a comment in the mail archives from Johnathan C. regarding
a scheduler workaround to prevent tx_raw from being called with short
fragments. Is this still plausible?

Can we just return without consuming “shorts” somewhere in the usrp tx

I’m new to working with the USRP2, so am I correct to assume that this
error will effect the time reference of subsequent samples? (If shorts
are dropped then the next packet will be short_number of samples ahead
of time)

Also, is there a rough ETA on the VRT implementation? Would extra hands
help or hinder?


FYI, the current development/master branch in the git repo has Johnathan
Corgan’s work-around which solved my issue.

$ git clone gnuradio.git - GNU Radio

(build as usual)