Thread started by module put to sleep state

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to embed mono within nginx to serve requests with

just for learning purposes (I know there is a FastCGI server for mono
there), and I’m running into a problem.
When I call into C# code, mono’s runtime creates a thread to serve the
request, but this thread is always in sleep state, and for this reason
response never comes, i.e. the browser appears to try to load the page
I have tried to embed the same C# code into a C application that
the request (no nginx involved) and the request gets processed normally.

I don’t know what kind of information I can show you to help debug the
problem, but, so far, this is just a simple handler that pretty much
nginx’s event loop by waiting for the full response to come. I know that
I simulate a quick response in the C# side (without really handling it
appropriately, i.e. just creating some buffers with “Hello world”) the
response comes out nicely.

What could be the cause of this?

Thank you in advance,
Marcelo Zabani.

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