Thor and HTTParty

I am trying to use HTTParty in my thor but it is not working. All I wish
to do is use HTTParty get to query couchdb in my method xyz

require ‘json’
require ‘httparty’
require ‘thor’

class FindXyz < Thor
include Thor::Actions

include HTTParty
headers ‘Accept’ => ‘application/json’
server = ‘’
user = ‘uname’
password = ‘passo’

couchdb_url = "http://#{user}:#{password}@#{server}"
basic_auth user, password
base_uri couchdb_url
default_params :output => 'json'
format :json

desc "xyz", "Find scenarios that contains SSL"
method_option :name, :aliases => "-t", :required => true
method_option :location, :aliases => "-s",:required => true

def xyz
  name = options[:name]
  loc = options[:location]
  file_path = File.join(loc, name)

  t_json = JSON.parse(

  t_json["ids"].each do |temp|
    path_to_doc = "/test123/#{temp}"
    response = get(path_to_doc)
    puts "Found => #{temp}" if response.to_s.include?('Birdy')