This time around, we'll be ready

As of revision 1300, Typo works with edge rails. Which also means
that, as of revision 1300, Typo doesn’t work with Rails 1.1.6
because annoyingly, getting the deprecation warnings to shut up (and
believe me, there were many deprecation warnings) meant making
changes that weren’t back compatible.

However, there is now a rails_1_1_6 branch in the repository so if we
have any show stopper bugs that need to be backported to 4.0.x, we’ve
got a branch we can work with.

This is about the most basic rails 1.2 compatible version I could
manage. Running the tests still gets 3 deprecation warnings (all for
the same thing) that I couldn’t work out how to fix (the obvious fix
didn’t want to work. Very annoying), and one functional tests fails
because of what I think is a Rails issue.