This looks really hard! -is it really?

Hello, I have rather foolishly offered to ‘look into’ SDR for an Amateur
Radio Astronomy project, simply on the basis that I am a software
developer, have some electronics background, and have an FPGA
development kit to hand (!). Having had a very quick look at GnuRadio,
it looks very powerful, and I wonder if someone could give me any advice
on how practical it would be to develop a VLF receiver using GnuRadio.
In particular, what do I need to construct to get started. Things I have
to available are: A spare PC, Linux, an Altera Stratix-II GX FPGA board
with USB and PCI-Express interfaces, and software licenses to develop
FPGA code. I guess my question is, what do I need for the antenna
interface, and do I need anything else. Thanks in advance.


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