This feels ugly


i better explain a little to get started.
in my form for creating a Person, there’s a Company field. People
belong to companies and companies have many people.

in my person form i have:
<%= text_field ‘person’, ‘Company’ %>

in my controller i have
def create
params[‘person’][‘Company’] = Company.find_by_name(params[‘person’]
@person =[:person])


this seems ugly to me and makes me feel like this is not the best way.
I’m doing this because expects Company to be a Company
object not a string. params[‘person’][‘Company’] comes in from the
form as “cutco” or “edgeslice” or whatever.

Anyway, i’m using a text field instead of a select box, because
select boxes with more that like 3 items are annoying to use. I’m
going to autocomplete the company text field.

how do people usually create new objects (and specify who they
belong_to) from the child’s (in this case Person) view/controller?



oops, wrong list. so sorry.