Thinking sphinx && globalize2

Hi all.
Could you tell me plz - how to integrate sphinx search with
globalize2? I’d like to perform search in models with translations.

Thanks a lot.

Actually, it’s way easier than you might think – you just use the
association as you would with other models, only with globalize2, the
association is always called “globalize_translations”.

So if you have an article model with title and body being translated
and you want to index both, the index definition might look something
like the following:

define_index do
index globalize_translations.title
index globalize_translations.body

You can also somehow split indexes by locale so that when searching in
English you only get English translation – but I’ve never done that
and I’m not sure how to do that with (thinking) sphinx.


except that with current master it’s now #translations


Thanks, guys!