Thin server hangs after running for some time

Has anyone been plagued by / solved this hanging issue?

Thin server recently started hanging - Deployment - Ruby-Forum

I get random hangs after hours or days of operation - (Win32,
rails-2.3.12, thin 1.2.11) - the server runs for an arbitrary amount of
time, fielding the same set of requests for browsing some low volume
data (this app does not contain any high volume data).

At some point, it simply stops taking requests. It’s nothing to do with
slowness, because the requests simply stop getting delivered to the
rails framework - nothing in the log, not even the acknowledgement of
the start of the request. Nothing. The browser is waiting, and nothing
is happening.

Although I am getting this right now on Win32, it also happened on a
particular Linux config as well.

Restarting ‘thin’ always clears the problem, and I have no other web
server front-ending ‘thin’ in the stack.

Any advice on how to begin diagnosing such a thing? Potentially a
broken/failed socket? If so, how would one verify that this is what is
happening. (No info or failure events in the sys event log either).

… and please try not to reach too far in guessing - I am really
looking for someone who had such an issue and found a fix for it.

Thanks a million!

Did you find the cure for this problem yet?


Sorry no … I do periodic restarts via cron/scheduled tasks to keep
things going. A work-round, but not at all the solution I am seeking.


sagar p. wrote in post #1065702:

Did you find the cure for this problem yet?