Thin 1.2.8 Black Keys release


Thin version 1.2.8 (codename Black Keys) is out!

== What’s new?

  • Allow the connection to remain open for 1xx statuses [timshadel]

    Both the 100 and 101 status codes require that the connection to
    server remain open. The 100 status code is used to tell the client
    the server is still receiving its request, and will continue to
    request input on the connection. The 101 status code is used to
    the existing connection to another protocol, and specifically is
    used to upgrade a separate connection. Therefore, the connection
    remain open after this response in order to facilitate that.

  • Accept IE7 badly encoded URL (eg.: %uEEEE)

  • Fix gemspec to work w/ Bundler [smparkes]

  • Add SSL support [tmm1]

  • Catch Errno::EPERM in Process.running? [Tony Kemp]
    On some systems (e.g. OpenBSD) you receive an EPERM exception if
    you try to Process.getpgid on a process you do not own (even if you
    are root). But it does mean that the process exists, so return true.

  • Fix Rails version check that select which Rack adapter to use. Was
    CGI adapter in Rails 3.

  • Ignore SIGHUP when no restart block is given

  • Add SSL options to thin command line tool [goldmann]

    –ssl Enables SSL
    –ssl-key-file PATH Path to private key
    –ssl-cert-file PATH Path to certificate
    –ssl-verify Enables SSL certificate verification

  • Expose peer SSL certificate in env (rack.peer_cert) [fd]

  • Adjusting unix socket permissions to be more open [mbj]

== Get it!

Install Thin from RubyGems:

gem install thin

== Contribute

Security issues: [email protected]
IRC: #thin on freenode

Thanks to all the people who contributed to Thin, EventMachine, Rack and

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