Thin 0.8.0 Dodgy Dentist release

Hey all,

Thin version 0.8.0 (codename Dodgy Dentist) is out!

== What’s new?

2 important bugfixes, please update if you’re running in production.
Also notice the -r option was renamed to -R.

Builtin support for Merb, Halcyon, Rails and Ramaze, just run ‘thin
start’ in your app dir and Thin will guess which adapter to use!

New experimental threaded mode!

  • [bug] Fix server crash when header too large.
  • [bug] Serve static file only on GET and HEAD requests in Rails
    adapter, fixes #58
  • Add --require (-r) option to require a library, before executing
    your script.
  • Rename --rackup short option to -R, warn and load as rackup when
    file ends with .ru.
  • List supported adapters in command usage.
  • Add file adapter to built-in adapter, serve static files in current
  • Allow disabling signal handling in Server with :signals => false
  • Make arguments more flexible, can now specify any of
    host, port, app or hash options.
  • Add --backend option to specified which backend to use, closes #55
  • Add threaded option to run server in threaded mode, calling the
    application in a
    thread allowing for concurrency in the Rack adapter, closes #46
  • Guess which adapter to use from directory (chdir option)
    or use specified one in ‘adapter’ option, re #47.

== Get it!

Install Thin from RubyForge:

gem install thin

Or using my mirror:

gem install thin --source

To use Thin with UNIX domain sockets you need EventMachine 0.11.0 from
my gem server:

gem install eventmachine --source

== Contribute

IRC: #thin on freenode

Thanks to all the people who contributed to Thin, EventMachine, Rack
and Mongrel.

Marc-Andre Cournoyer

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