Thin 0.6.3 Ninja Cookie release

Hey all,

Version 0.6.3 (codename Ninja Cookie) of the fastest Ruby server is out!

== What’s new?

Thin is now more flexible and extensible then ever and even easier to


  • Add tasks for Vlad the Deployer in example/vlad.rake [cnantais]

  • Add Ramaze Rackup config file in example dir [tmm1]
    Use like this from you Ramaze app dir:

    thin start -r /path/to/thin/example/

  • Add the --rackup option to load a Rack config file instead of the
    Rails adapter.
    So you can use any framework with the thin script and start
    cluster and stuff like that.
    A Rack config file is one that is usable through the rackup
    command and looks like this:

    use Rack::CommonLogger
    run, ‘cool’)

    Then use it with thin like this:

    thin start --rackup

  • thin config --chrdir … -C thin/yml do not change current
    directory anymore, fixes #33.

  • Add a better sample god config file in example/thin.god that loads
    all info from config
    files in /etc/thin. Drop-in replacement for the thin runlevel
    service [Gump].

  • Add support for specifying a custom Connector to the server and
    add more doc about Server

  • Add a script to run thin as a runlevel service that can start at
    startup, closes #31 [Gump]
    Setup the service like this:

    sudo thin install /etc/thin

    This will install the boot script under /etc/init.d/thin. Then
    copy your config files to
    /etc/thin. Works only under Linux.

  • Set process name to ‘thin server (’ when running as a
    daemon, closes #32.

  • Make sure chdir option from config file is used when present.

  • Raise an error when starting a server as a daemon and pid file
    already exist, fixes #27.

== Get it!

sudo gem install thin

Or using my mirror:

sudo gem install thin --source

Thin is still alpha software, if you use it on your server you
understand the
risks that are involved.

== Contribute

If you’re using Thin, let me know and I’ll put your site on

Thin is driven by an active community of passionate coders and
Please join us, contribute or share some ideas in Thin Google Group:

Also on IRC: thin on freenode

Thanks to all the people who contributed to Thin, EventMachine, Rack
and Mongrel.

Marc-Andre Cournoyer