Thin 0.6.2 Rambo release

Hey all,

Version 0.6.2 (codename Rambo) of the fastest Ruby server is out!

== What’s new?

Important bug fixes for 0.6.1 Cheesecake, please update!
A couple people reported memory & cpu spikes and hangs during file
this release should take care of those issues.

  • Server now let current connections finish before stopping, fixes #18

  • Fix uploading hanging bug when body is moved to a tempfile,
    also delete the tempfile properly upon completion, fixes #25

  • ‘thin restart’ now sends HUP signals rather then stopping &
    starting, closes #17

  • HUP signal now launches a new process with the same options.

  • Add PID and more info from the last request to the Stats adapter
    mostly taken from Rack::ShowException.

  • pid and log files in cluster are no longer required to be relative
    to the
    app directory (chdir option), fixes #24

  • Revert to using #each when building response headers under Ruby 1.8,
    solves an issue w/ Camping adapter, fixes #22

  • Restructure thin script options in 3 sections: server, daemon and

  • Add --only (-o) option to control only one server of a cluster.

  • Stylize stats page and make the url configurable from the thin

  • Raise error if attempting to use unix sockets on windows.

  • Add example config files for Easy, proactive monitoring of processes, programs, files, directories, filesystems and hosts | Monit usage.
    Include the example file using include /path/to/thin/monit/file in
    your monitrc file.
    The group settings let you do this to manage your clusters:

    sudo monit -g blog restart all

    There are examples of thin listening on sockets and thin listening
    on unix sockets.

== Get it!

sudo gem install thin

Or using my mirror:

sudo gem install thin --source

Thin is still alpha software, if you use it on your server you
understand the
risks that are involved.

== Contribute

If you’re using Thin, let me know and I’ll put your site on

Thin is driven by an active community of passionate coders and
Please join us, contribute or share some ideas in Thin Google Group:

Also on IRC: thin on freenode

Thanks to all the people who contributed to Thin, EventMachine, Rack
and Mongrel.

Marc-Andre Cournoyer