Thin 0.6.1 Cheesecake release

Hey all,

Version 0.6.1 (codename Cheesecake) of the fastest Ruby server is out!

== What’s new?

Lots and lots of new features: config file support, uses less memory,
speed tweaks,
and UNIX domain socket connection support!

More info:

Changelog from 0.5.4:

  • Add support for connection through UNIX domain socket.
    Use the --socket (-S) option w/ the thin script to configure the
    socket filename.
    Nginx support binding to a UNIX socket like this:

    upstream backend {
    server unix:/tmp/thin.0.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/thin.1.sock;
    server unix:/tmp/thin.2.sock;

    Start your servers like this:

    thin start -s3 -S/tmp/thin.sock

  • Remove Server#listen! method. Use Server#start instead.

  • Server can now yield a Rack::Builder to allow building an app in one

    Server.start ‘’, 3000 do
    use Rack::CommonLogger
    use Rack::ShowExceptions
    map “/lobster” do
    use Rack::Lint

  • Add a very basic stats page through Stats adapter, load w/ --stats
    and browse to /stats.

  • Add --trace (-V) option to trace request/response and get backtrace
    w/out all Ruby debug stuff.

  • Add --config (-C) option to load options from a config file in thin
    script [Matt T.].

  • Alter response headers to output directly to a string.

  • Improve specs stability.

  • Move request body to a Tempfile if too big (> 112 MB)

  • Remove useless check for max header size in Request (already done in
    the parser)

== Get it!

sudo gem install thin

Might take some time for the gem mirrors to be updated, try adding
–source to the command if it doesn’t work

If you installed a previous alpha version (if you have 0.6.1 already
uninstall it before: sudo gem uninstall thin

Thin is still alpha software, if you use it on your server you
understand the
risks that are involved.

== Contribute

If you’re using Thin, let me know and I’ll put your site on

Thin is driven by an active community of passionate coders and
benchmarkers. Please join us, contribute
or share some ideas in Thin Google Group:

Also on IRC: thin on freenode

Thanks to all the people who contributed to Thin, EventMachine, Rack
and Mongrel.

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