Themes ~ Can someone fill me in?

Hello ~

A while back I migrated my blogger blog to Typo. I am definitely much
happier, but themes are really getting me down. Many themes that I
have tried no longer work, and the main theme I used to use (phokus)
no longer works with the Trunk of Typo. I have thought of creating my
own theme, but with the changes in Typo creating breakage in themes I
have been hesitant too.

Is there a plan/road map for how themes will be implemented and
solidified? I think it is vital that the theme portion of the app
provide a mechanism that will eliminate breakage as the app evolves.
This will encourage themes to be created and not require theme
creators to constantly update in order to work with Typo.

If I missed some conversation about themes that has resolved this, my



Ben R.

I just updated my blog to the trunk yesterday and was surprised when
my theme (hemingway) was now broken too. The only thing I can comment
on is that is what you get for going with the edge. I was able to fix
things in about 5 minutes by looking at my production.log file, so it
wasn’t a huge deal for me. You almost always have issues with themes
and newer versions of blogging apps. Especially with an app that is
changing as much as Typo.

On 8/25/06, Ben R. [email protected] wrote:

solidified? I think it is vital that the theme portion of the app

Ben R.

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Sterling A.
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The current trunk is in the middle of a lot of big changes; we’re
fixing some things that have been subtly broken for a while, and this
ends up breaking most themes and all sidebars. Once we’ve finished
all of the big changes, we’ll start working with theme providers to
clean everything up. But that’ll probably be a bit longer still, and
things will break at least once more when we move themes into