Themes breaking clean install

I am trying to install Origami and I am having same problem as
Kristopher with Hemingway:

Extracted source (around line #21):

18: <% end -%>

21: <% unless @pages.item_count <=
config[:limit_article_display] %>

Older posts: <%= pagination_links
:params => { :action => @controller.action_name } %>

23: <% end -%>

I am using Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 1.2.3 and Typo 4.1.1

I would apreciate very much if anybody has a clue how to fix it.

Best regards,


Did you Install Typo 4.1.1 SVN or STABLE??

I’m using 4.1.1 stable and has no issue using other themes. Also, check
the theme you wanted to use actually works for 4.1.1 follow this link
info on themes that works with your install version

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