Theme_support plugin and Rails 1.2.2


I have been a happy user of the theme_support plugin for a long time
using Rails 1.1.6.
But I needed the new bells’n’whistles so I started upgrading my
software to Rails 1.2.2. It has been a smooth transition, untill I
started on the theme support stuff.
I have applied the patch mentioned on Matt McCray’s blog and it
removed some of the errors.
But I cannot get the rail app to find the layout used by my theme. I
simply get an template missing error (even though my theme is present
under the public folder and has the layout in question in it’s layout
The traceback is like any other template missing tracebacks - no code
seems to get called within the theme_support plugin.

Anyone else out there experiencing this? Google left me with no help.

Gitte W.